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My Story


My story begins with a spiritual awakening that was both unexpected and unnerving. 

A spiritual awakening is a transformation where you experience a shift in consciousness. It can be gradual or sudden and can happen at any point in your life. It is often preceded by a traumatic event. 

It began with seeing images in my head. It progressed to having conversations with spirit guides. And then it got weird. I purchased a house inhabited by ghosts. Considering I didn't believe in ghosts, it came as quite a shock.

Being sensible I began to research the house, its history, and the supernatural in general. That led to classes on intuition, channeling, and healing.  

Along this journey, I discovered I had a talent for healing with energy. Listening to my guides. Asking for angelic assistance. And channeling universal light to nurture, help, and heal.

Looking to heal? Start here.

Healing Modalities


Usui Reiki

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET)

Intuitive Messaging

Pendulum Healing

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