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Healing the Heart Chakra

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

What is the Heart Chakra?

Function: The Heart Chakra is all about love and relationships. What comes to mind foremost is romantic love and the search for a soul mate. The heart chakra opens and sustains romantic love, but also extends to all relationships, self-love, and even Universal love.

Color: The Heart Chakra is associated with pink and green.

Location: Center of the chest

What is a Healthy Heart Chakra?

Maintaining healthy relationships is one of the most challenging aspects of our lives, and also the most fulfilling to the quality of life. A healthy and flowing heart chakra exudes and intakes strong love vibrations, which then attracts positive people to us. Opening and activating the Heart Chakra will allow us to shed unhealthy patterns and become a magnet of positive Love. By healing the Heart Chakra, we can again find the right balance that becomes so easily lost when we forget to care for our energy fields.

The relationships we have with family, friends, coworkers, and others are also affected by the Heart Chakra in a similar way. To improve these relationships the heart must be open.

It Begins with Self-Love

Many people don't realize that the Heart Chakra is also the fuel for self-love and self-esteem. Those who have a hard time loving themselves will have a hard time loving others and accepting the love of others. So it may be beneficial to work first on self-love. Once that is mastered, the flow of love vibrations will spill over into your relationship with others.

Aside from personal relationships, we are also capable of possessing universal love. This is the power that binds us to other human beings, animals, the planet and the universe. When we hear of a tragic story that happened across the globe, we can empathize because our love connection has no borders.

Healing the Heart Chakra with Crystals

We can keep the Heart Chakra open by working with healing gemstones in shades of pink and green crystals. Here are some favorites:

Aventurine is known as the stone of abundance. When working with the Heart Chakra, you will want to program Aventurine for love. With an abundance of love flowing freely through your heart, the world will be a magical place.

Malachite is known as a Power stone. It is an aggressive opener of the Heart Chakra. Whereas Jade is slow and gradual in its magic, Malachite's energies get right to the point to bring traumas to the surface. You may want to pair Malachite with a softer Heart Chakra stone such as Aventurine or Rose Quartz if it is too powerfully abrupt on you on its own.

Rhodochrosite is also known as the Soul-Mate stone. It tunes your Heart Chakra to attract important people. Whether it be a romantic soul mate or just someone who comes briefly to teach you a lesson, Rhodochrosite helps to enhance your life's journeys. The important thing is that you learn your lessons the first time around and not get stuck in a toxic cycle.

Rhodonite is the stone that is all about self-love. Rhodonite teaches you that you cannot start loving people around you until you have accepted yourself as you are. It helps focus your Heart Chakra on working through your own issues and realizations before opening up to the world.

Rose Quartz is the most popular stone of all for the Heart Chakra because it is synonymous with "Love Crystal". This beautiful pink stone will have you seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. It is an attractive force of positive relationships. It helps you see the beauty in all things, whether it be a simple breath, an abstract painting or a vast landscape.

Natural Healing

For those of us who want something even more effortless, a gemstone bracelet ensures we receive love vibes all day long. Other ways of keeping the chakra clear is by engaging in self-care.  Be sure to take time to do things you enjoy that are refreshing, like Reiki, massage or hiking!  These activities relax, heal and boost self-love.

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