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How Reiki Can Help Caregivers

Stress, burnout, feeling overwhelmed, these are just a few of the factors facing today's caregivers. America has more than 44 million informal or family caregivers. Reiki offers tremendous benefits to heal and recharge those we entrust to provide care for family and friends.

The most common informal caregiver is an adult child caring for an aging parent. In other scenarios, caregivers may support an elderly or sick spouse, aging grandparents, severely disabled children or siblings, whose parents are unable to provide care. In the U.S., informal caregivers provide 80% of long term care. Most are middle-aged women and many work full time jobs. They spend time taking care of others, and often neglect themselves. Reiki may begin to address issues specific to caregivers.

Reiki presents an opportunity to slow down and focus on self-care. Sessions usually last 60 minutes. During this time, clients enter a state of calm and relaxation that may elude them in everyday life. They emerge feeling rested, energized and with an overall sense of well-being. In following weeks, they tend to take better care of themselves and pay closer attention to their own mental, emotional and physical needs.

Reiki provides relief for feelings of overwhelm. If you're a caregiver you probably cannot remember the last time you had an entire hour to focus on your own well-being. A scheduled Reiki session is about one hour long. That's an entire hour during which you release all demands placed upon you in everyday life and relax into a state of receiving pure love, light and positive energy. You will emerge from a single session feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Reiki can be used for positive attraction. Reiki can be given with a specific intent in mind. Discuss with your practitioner what you’d like to attract into your life. During the session you will remove energy blockages that prevent you from choosing healthy behaviors. Gently planting seeds that subtly modify your daily life choices, nudging you into alignment with your true desires for yourself.

Reiki is proven to support the immune system. Preliminary studies show that Reiki may increase the number of white blood cells present in subjects. An enhanced immune system means fewer incidences of colds, flu and infections.

If you are caring for a loved one, or if you work in a care giving profession, make Reiki part of your self-care program. Visit Druid Reiki at Wellness Center Fairport for more information and resources.


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